About Mouse

Blessed to be a small business owner and so grateful for my customers. : ) Thanks for stopping by my shop!

WTM - Why the Mouse?

My folks have called me Mouse since I was a baby, and still do now that I am grown so that is the story behind my shop name.  I love buying, wearing and selling my antique preciouses and especially learning something new about antique jewelry every day. Older is always better - the world is full of beautiful things!  All my pieces are at least vintage but most are antique / over 100 years old.  I do not sell any new, reproduction "antique style" pieces.

About Mouse  🐭

I was one of those kids that loved to watch Antiques Roadshow, hearing the interesting stories, back history and value of discovered treasures.  As a young girl, I would sit in front of my grandparents' china cabinet where their collectibles, antique family photos and humble heirlooms were kept, and ask them to tell me their stories again and again.  This continued through high school and college when at least once a year, Grandpa and I would go through their hope chest of memories stored away.  My folks had always outfitted their home in antique furniture, (rummage sale finds at a good price) and I inherited some of the unwanted pieces when my husband and I got married.  Now we live in a late 1800s farmhouse in beautiful Minnesota that we've been trying to give that Fixer Upper vibe, incorporating some well made antique pieces (many Craigslist finds) in with the new renovations.  So it seems I have always preferred antique pieces over the new, mass produced items.

I search all over the world to hand pick that one of a kind and unique treasure that would make a great conversation piece, a beautiful statement, or would make a special and memorable gift for yourself or a loved one. It is so fulfilling to me to find old treasures and match them to loving homes. And I appreciate seeing history preserved!  This isn't something that I ever aspired for or planned to do full time.  I used to be a teacher, and then worked various office jobs - for a professional sports team, a clothing company and later a tech startup.  I started as a collector which then turned into a side hustle throughout all the previous careers.  I would work my 9-5 job, and then buy, clean, photograph, list, sell and ship my antiques early mornings, late evenings and on the weekends.  Over time MHA changed, grew, expanded to what it is now - a full time business, but still a one woman show. : )

My most prized possessions (so that you might learn a bit about me):

~ Some 1800s dated love letters from my great great grandfather to my great great grandmother before they were married.

~ A stamped egg crate, shop receipt and photo from my great grandparents' grocery store, all from the early 1900s.

~ An early 1900s rhinestone hair comb that was my great grandmother's, and one of the pieces I used to admire sitting in front of the aforementioned china cabinet.

~ A resin hen figurine from the dollar store that my three brothers chipped in and purchased for me as kids, it related to a silly nickname but it's always the thought that counts.  And later in my 20s, a circle pendant with small diamonds that my sister-in-law organized as a group Christmas gift from my brothers - upgrade! This was one of the first of a small few nice jewelry gifts I have ever received!  My three brothers are a huge part of who I am, and my family (including 17 amazing nieces and nephews) is my biggest blessing in life.

~ An oil painting of Paris which hung in my great aunt's apartment for as long as my mom can remember.  Her husband had purchased it for her "when they could not at all afford it" and I always admired it when I would visit her and ask to hear the story again.  When she went to heaven and they took it off the wall, they saw she had written my name on the back of it.  It is so beautiful!  And sometimes I pinch myself that I have walked the streets of Paris like those depicted, hunting for antique jewelry.

~ My 1920s Art Deco engagement ring that was a complete surprise to me.  Apparently my wonderful husband knew my future calling before I ever did by choosing an antique.  Ten years later for our anniversary, he gave me a beautiful Art Deco filigree pendant with old cut diamond and green and yellow enamel (big Packers fan here), which also makes the favs list.

~ A little Georgian emerald and diamond halo ring that my mom bought for herself on our first trip to England about 15 years ago and recently gave to me.  My folks, my husband and I rented an RV and drove 2,000 miles around the UK in about a week.  We thought it was a one-time visit but it became one of our favorite places in the world, so we still try to go back when we can. I love the antique jewelry scene there.  My folks and I were there on an inventory trip last fall in fact - "The Three Musketeers!"  Dad was our driver and researcher and Mom and I took those markets by storm! : )

~ An antique baby grand piano from my late mother-in-law which came from her aunt.  She had always used it at her house to display a welcome sign for visitors, photos and Christmas cards, and for holding our wine glasses while we stood and talked next to it.  I enjoy playing it (not well) and you'll even see it in my inventory pictures sometimes as I use the rich wood background to stage group shots of jewelry.

~ A Victorian frosted glass globe oil lamp and the old primitive wooden livestock yoke over the fireplace, these items came from the Midwest farm homesteads of each side of my family.

~ And then my three favorite personal collection pieces, all from my husband -  the Art Deco engagement ring he chose for me, long before I ever dreamed of being an antique jewelry dealer.  (Even though he has another full time job - the small business wouldn't be the same without his advice, shipping and repair prowess, support and eye.)  Along with an Art Deco enamel and filigree pendant for our 10 year, and a Georgian topaz and diamond seven stone ring for our 20 year. (Insert heart eyes emoji here!)

Ah, the nostalgia!  These are all just "things" so I don't mean to sound like a materialistic hoarder, but I suppose in a way they played a part into this becoming a passion and developing into a full time gig for me.  So knowing their stories is knowing something about Mouse's House Antiques! 

And about the Mice:

For my shop logo, I stumbled across the amazing Lenore, a very talented artist who is a small business owner herself. Her fabulous drawing of a mouse wearing a diamond ring as a crown just seemed perfect for the MHA logo! Lenore is helping me customize a larger image of the mouse in a jewelry box with treasures spilling around that will be coming soon for larger scale applications. Definitely check out her shop - she is a lovely, talented person and a joy to work with! https://www.etsy.com/shop/eronel

You may notice a little pottery mouse in many of my product photos : ) I was finding that many of my photos were being "borrowed" by others to sell modern reproductions - causing confusion between my authentic antiques vs. the modern copies using my photos of the antique piece to mislead buyers. So the mouse is my little trademark. If you see it in pics and it matches the website name - it's me and it's authentic antique : ) - Little Mouse's name is Filbert.  If you see my photos and staging from a seller outside the U.S., or with a user name that is not Mouse, it is someone else using my photos without my permission.  Feel free to let me know so I can try to limit these occurrences.


And lastly, but probably most importantly, I really appreciate my customers.  The friendships I have made, the stories I have heard, the feedback I have received, the inventory trips I have taken (I love to travel) and the fact that I am able to do this full time as my profession due to my customers' support - I thank you. For all the humbling times one of my items was chosen for a special occasion, gift, remembrance, pick me up or self treat - I appreciate you.  I know there are many wonderful options out there, thank you for looking at my shop!