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Antique 1 Carat Tdw Fancy Light YELLOW & White Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Halo Cluster Ring 18k Gold

Antique 1 Carat Tdw Fancy Light YELLOW & White Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Halo Cluster Ring 18k Gold

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Antique daisy cluster rings are always among my most sought after pieces but this one is quite special - the center antique old mine cut diamond is fancy light yellow in color, adding a beautiful accent against the surrounding halo of old mine cuts which are white. It's a lovely contrast with the wonderfully sunny center giving the cluster a "warm heart." It's so clever the way it was fabricated as the yellow OMC being surrounded by the white OMCs makes its natural light yellow hue even more prevalent than if it were alone or if all the stones matched.

Adding to the charm of this piece is the fabulous setting with ornately scrolled shoulders crafted entirely in 18k yellow gold. We often see these topped in platinum as it was popular for the period to set diamonds in a white metal.

Antique Victorian era piece that I acquired in France, it has an illegible antique hallmark on the inside (it looks like "1e" to me), I wonder if it may be British in origin.

These antique rings are scarce and sought after for a few reasons - the first is that all antique hand cut diamonds of course have a more limited supply since they are no longer made in this way. There are only so many in existence compared to the millions of carats of modern, machine cut diamonds made every year. These have withstood the test of time.

The second is the color - it is believed that only 1 carat in every 10,000 carats mined are yellow diamonds. So putting the old hand cut together with the color makes a yellow OMC even more scarce.

Antique box is not included. Please note the measurements as I have small fingers and it can be difficult to determine scale from pictures.


Size 6 1/4. The ring face is 11mm in diameter and 6.3mm tall of the finger at the center raised yellow diamond. The center diamond is about 4.2mm and about .3 carat alone. The eight white old mine cut diamonds in the halo are 2.7mm to 3mm each. I would never remove them from the setting so exact measurements are unknown but it was sold to me as around 1 full carat to 1.1 carat total weight in diamonds.

The piece weighs a little over 4 grams.


All my pieces are pre owned and in estate condition. Typical antique diamonds - the center diamond does have an eye visible inclusion underneath the table that can catch the light and is warm in color but not inky black. Two of the smaller outlining diamonds have eye visible inclusions as well that carry up to the surface leaving a smaller crease along the surface. This is not damage but a natural inclusion, the one being just a single warm silk leading up to said crease but the other having frosty / icy inclusions throughout about a third of the stone, heavily that can catch the light. The other diamonds have only very slight inclusions seen under strong magnification only.

The piece does need gentler wear due to age related wear to the soft gold tips holding the stones. I would have priced the piece higher if the tips were in better shape and three diamonds had a bit better clarity so please note those things. Enough tips remain to hold the stones without moving but something to always keep an eye on with antique jewelry in original condition. Of course reinforcement for more regular wear is always possible if desired by your local jeweler but most of my buyers prefer special occasion wear and original condition. It would be wise to discuss cost locally prior to purchasing as it would be at least ten tips should you want to re-fortify it for daily wear. Be advised that some jewelers of modern pieces may recommend to make the piece “like new” but not every prong would need to be fortified so we typically seek someone out with a laser welder and ask to do the minimum possible.

Due to age - please note this is not a mint condition item.

Thanks so much for looking at my shop!

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