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ANTIQUE 14k Rose Gold CHAIN Necklace GEORGIAN - Early Victorian Era Rolo Link Solid

ANTIQUE 14k Rose Gold CHAIN Necklace GEORGIAN - Early Victorian Era Rolo Link Solid

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Great antique look to this cable link chain. I have two of these, one slightly more yellow gold in hue than the other and they vary in length. I bought these from an antique jewelry shop and the dealer's experience placed them in the Georgian era.

This one is fabricated where the links are welded together in pairs so every two links is fixed. No hallmarks remain or were ever present, as expected on a piece of this age, but sold to me as 14k and tested to confirm. Warm antique patina, this is the one that reads more rosy in hue, but nothing like the vibrant pink rose gold of today.

I love these old cable chains with the round rolo links. They provide a great antique look but are still on trend today to wear alone or layer and stack.

This piece is solid gold in that it is not gold plated or gold filled.

The chain is 18.5 inches in length. The piece weighs 5.3 grams. The links are about 2.5mm gauge.


This piece is around 200 years old so it does need gentler wear. The links are worn from years and years where the soft gold has worn away a bit thinner in some spots. Some of the links are slightly out of round but it actually adds to its antique look. The piece is still stable as though gold is is a soft metal it is still quite strong, but if it was grabbed and yanked (something my little niece would do), it could cause a dainty link to break. Still perfectly wearable for another 100 years but just wanted to mention that age expected wear. The piece was clearly worn and enjoyed - it is quite beautiful. The spring ring is gold fill and a later replacement but clasp functions very well. It has some verdigris under magnification but the chain is definitely solid gold so it is just that one component that is gold fill.

Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. They will have patina, surface wear, a few small nicks. These pieces may also have evidence of a sizing, some build up around the stones and / or inclusions seen under magnification, typical for antique pieces. I have mentioned any noticeable issues above and they are all still wearable and eager to be loved and accepted for many years to come, (the preservation of antique jewelry, even those with signs of their age and history, is important to me. : )
But - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition. Pictures also serve as part of the description and condition report so please utilize the zoom feature which will magnify any wear significantly more than what is visible to the eye while wearing : )

Thanks so much for looking at my items!


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