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Antique 2 Strand Esclavage Chain 1.3 Carat Table Rose Cut DIAMOND 18k Gold Necklace 15" Choker

Antique 2 Strand Esclavage Chain 1.3 Carat Table Rose Cut DIAMOND 18k Gold Necklace 15" Choker

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Type: Necklace
Materials: 18k Gold, Diamond, Silver
Size: 15 Inches
Era: 1800s



Another one of my most special pieces. Striking choker length esclavage necklace from the Georgian to Victorian era constructed in 18k gold and silver set with 15 old cut diamonds in triangular, pear and round rose cut shapes, with three being old table cut diamonds (one of the earlier diamond cutting methods). Even the diamond setting was intentional with two of the table cuts being set opposite each other above the floral leaf design, and one being set into the dangling moon setting below.

The delicate chain is in rich, buttery 18k gold with dainty cable links. The diamond settings are in silver collets (as was customary for the time to set diamonds in white metal - it was thought to increase their brilliance),
with floral buttercup, leaf and crescent moon designs. Unique design with a great antique look, nice patina and moody sparkle from the old cut diamonds.

No missing stones, parts or pieces, the piece drapes and moves beautifully with all the independent pieces connected by loops. Some warmth to the diamonds typical for pieces of this age. There are two loops to the back of the bottom most dangle which makes it stand and lean off the décolleté. I wonder if this was so it would tilt / move somewhat to catch the light and sparkle. I suppose a jeweler could easily remove this if you desired it to lie flat.

As an added bonus, the delicate double cable chain concludes with an additional collet set rose cut diamond serving as the clasp at the back, another lovely design element. Also in the back is a smaller safety chain to make sure the piece stays on the neck.

This 1800s sparkler would be a beautiful something old for a bride! It could also be worn in the hair with an up 'do or crown dangling towards the back. The piece has such beautiful movement.

No hallmarks remain but I purchased it from a reputable and very knowledgable source in Sweden who told me it was 18k and silver and tested to confirm.


Chain is 15 inches long stretched end to end. The leaf implement with center buttercup is 40mm wide. The diamonds range in size from 2mm up to 6.5mm in the center of the floral leaf implement. The diamonds widen out in the closed collet settings an unknown amount and exact depth and thereby carat weight is unknown as I would never remove them from the collet settings. Like most all rose cuts they have a lower comparative carat weight than a modern diamond but the surface area gives it the appearance of a larger carat stone. A round modern brilliant diamond with 1 carat total weight has a diameter of around 6.5mm for comparison's sake and to give you an idea of scale. Just using conservative measurements by mm for rose cuts, it is at least 1.35 carats total weight. These don't have that depth of modern stones for carat weight, but they still have the eye catching impact.

The piece weighs 17.8 grams.


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. Completely functional, the clasp works really well to tightly click shut. Chain is dainty but sturdy and in good condition. Quite a lot of patina to the silver which can be polished up some but typically my buyers prefer original patina. It looks perfect in my opinion.

Typical collet set rose cut diamonds with foil backs giving them a slight warmth to gray. Jewels of this period were meant to sparkle in the low light of candlelight and fireside dinners. With time, the foil often discolors and causes a warmer hue. They still have a lovely sparkle when the surfaces catch the light.

These typical antique rose cuts do have inclusions as was common for the period. Two of them have a rough or frosty edge here or there seen only under magnification, they all appear complete to the eye, with variation to the hues and the foil making it more difficult to detect any nicks and inclusions unless using a loupe. All the diamonds are secure and stable in the collets so the piece is perfectly wearable and really regal looking. Such a beautiful design with a wonderful draping antique look, dangling movement and sparkle.

But of course Due to age, please note this is not a mint condition item. Feel free to request additional photos and videos as I have many others besides the 10 allowed here.

I dearly love, collect, use and sell antiques so please check out my other listings and thanks so much for stopping by my shop!

Please feel free watch @mouseshouseantiques on insta for inventory drops, sneak peaks and previews!


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