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Antique 1.15 Carat Pale Light YELLOW & White Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Halo Cluster Ring 18k Gold

Antique 1.15 Carat Pale Light YELLOW & White Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Halo Cluster Ring 18k Gold

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This is a current fav of mine - I just find the piece so enchanting. The nearly 3/4 carat pale yellow old mine cut diamond at the center is striking on its own and the halo design reminds me of a spattering of stars. Comes as shown in the cover photo WITH the antique box (which is collectable and has value on its own).

Beautiful French antique diamond ring totaling around 1.15 carats and crafted in 18k gold. The ring face is sort of a flared navette shape with the varying sized old mine cuts and rose cut diamonds providing a beautiful surround for the center old mine cut which is certainly the star. It is a chunk! - in a softened square cushion cut with a high crown, deep pavilion and of course that wonderful natural hue. The pale yellow color adds a beautiful accent against the surrounding halo of old cuts which are white. The color is evident as I look at it now in low ambient light. It is subtle and while quite fiery, the diamond is warmer / softer than it is vibrant yellow - just delicious. It's a lovely contrast with the wonderfully sunny center giving the cluster a "warm heart." And clever the way it was fabricated as the yellow OMC being surrounded by the white OMCs makes its natural hue even more prevalent than if it were alone or if all the stones matched.

Antique Victorian era piece found in Paris, with French hallmark for 18k.

These antique rings are scarce and sought after for a few reasons - the first is that all antique hand cut diamonds of course have a more limited supply since they are no longer made in this way. There are only so many in existence compared to the millions of carats of modern, machine cut diamonds made every year. These have withstood the test of time.

The second is the color - it is believed that only 1 carat in every 10,000 carats mined are yellow diamonds. So putting the old hand cut together with the color makes a yellow OMC even more scarce.

Please note the measurements as I have small fingers and it can be difficult to determine scale from pictures.


Size 6 3/4. The ring face is 20mm by 12mm and stands 6mm tall of the finger at the center raised yellow diamond. The center diamond is about 5.5mm square and a nice and chunky cut with high crown and deep pavilion measuring around 3/4 carat. For the smaller diamonds, there is one on each north / south point measuring 2.5mm, with the rest measuring 1.75 to 2mm each. There are also three very small 1mm rose cuts at each end providing an interesting mix. I would never remove the diamonds from the setting so exact measurements are unknown but it around 1.15 carat total weight estimated.

The piece weighs 4.6 grams.


All my pieces are pre owned and in estate condition. The center diamond has a better than most clarity considering it is an antique stone, hand cut long before the "Four C's" scale was created for mathematically perfected machine cut diamonds. It does have one eye visible inclusion that can catch the light - an indented natural inclusion just off the edge of the culet on the underside of the stone - seen when looking through the stone. GIA defines this as a dent that occurs under the surface of a diamond as a result of the diamond cutter's decision not to polish it off, because doing so could end up harming the diamond so the cutters would work around it. This is not considered a defect or blemish but under magnification it looks like a small hair or dust particle. Aside from that it is completely eye clean so really a wonderful stone with the pale yellow hue sought after by many collectors, myself included and it has no damage to it. In some light it is actually quite vibrant, a noticeable yellow. In other light is more of a warmth to the stone. Hopefully the pictures in various lighting conditions help capture it as my buyers do find my images true to life.

There are no dark or carbon inclusions to the entire piece, but the smaller diamonds in the halo have some frosty edges and faint natural inclusions along with organic cuts that vary in shape. There are a few small nicks to those stones, one here one there, etc. seen mostly under magnification. The rose cuts are typical for the period with rough and frosty edges, very small to add that extra glint of sparkle.

The center stone is extra secure with very long prongs on all sides so that part of the ring could handle daily wear. But the smaller stones have a worn prong here and there to keep an eye on over time. The stones are still held in place without moving but something to always keep an eye on with antique jewelry in original condition. Of course reinforcement for more regular wear is always possible to better secure those smaller stones if desired, by your local jeweler, but most of my buyers prefer special occasion wear and original condition. Be advised that some jewelers of modern pieces may recommend to make the piece “like new” but not every prong would need to be fortified so we typically seek someone out with a laser welder and ask to do the minimum possible.

Due to age - please note this is not a mint condition item.

Thanks so much for looking at my shop!

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