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Chunky French VINTAGE 20g 18k GOLD Solid 17" Traditional Marseille Necklace

Chunky French VINTAGE 20g 18k GOLD Solid 17" Traditional Marseille Necklace

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Type: Necklace, Chain
Materials: 18k Gold
Size: 18 Inches
Era: Vintage



Back by popular demand! I collected a few of these during my inventory trips to France and these are the last ones I have available, although I'll be looking for more on my next trip of course because they are quite popular and on trend right now, they tend to move quickly. This one I got in Paris.

These have a beautiful story.

This all original French vintage to antique necklace / chain in rich, buttery 18k gold (real/solid gold not plated or gold filled) is very relevant and wearable today, but its design has origins that date back to the 18th century. In France it is called "Collier Marseille" (Marseille Necklace) or Grain d'Or (Grains of Gold). In those olden times, the women in this region of Provence would collect these gold beads, in various graduating sizes, as a form of savings. They would collect or sell these beads as their finances dictated.

This then became a tradition where a bead was bought at the birth of a girl, and then additional beads were given for subsequent birthdays and life events, eventually resulting in a complete gold bead necklace, each little gold ball connected to the next by loops of gold. What a wonderful tradition! These necklaces are still popular in the south of France. Here is a lovely vintage one with beautiful patina and quality that came from there.

French hallmarks for 18k on the loop with a goldsmith stamp on the other. Antique boxes / items in displays in photos are not included.

This one has somewhat larger beads than the ones I have offered in the past. The beads are connected by chain links providing a slight space between each bead.

It weighs a sturdy 19.95g. Stretched end to end it's 18 inches. The largest center bead is 10mm diameter, graduating down to the smallest at 5mm.


Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. Beautiful rich 18k gold patina - it has a beautiful glow. The beads / gold balls have space inside to run the chain connectors but are very thick and sturdy with no deep dents. There are a few shallow impressions looking like a tiny ripple here or there but they all appear correctly shaped so this is only noticeable if you are studying each bead and looking for issues. Some signs of it being worn from age, with surface wear and patina especially between the beads where they rub together, but this is again only seen if you study it up close due to the mirrored finish. There is some build up between the links under magnification but I didn't want to soak or submerge it as I didn't want the beads to fill with water. To the eye and while wearing it as an amazing color and shine, like I said it truly glows and the 20 grams of solid 18k gold make it a special piece indeed. Sturdy, wearable and interesting piece in the solid gold version. I have one and wear it often. There are no dark or colored spots to the gold, it was just difficult to photograph because it is so shiny and mirrored that it reflects its surroundings. Impactful worn alone but also layers well with other pieces.

My disclaimer with all my pieces - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition.

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