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DATED 1857 VICTORIAN French Antique 18k Gold Twist GIMMEL Twinned Wedding Band Puzzle RiNG

DATED 1857 VICTORIAN French Antique 18k Gold Twist GIMMEL Twinned Wedding Band Puzzle RiNG

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Type: Band / Ring
Materials: 18k Gold
Era: Victorian (1837-1901)



Love this romantic piece! Wonderful French traditional Victorian Gimmel wedding band in 18k buttery gold. Often times these are personalized on the flat edges inside the two bands, visible only when the ring is opened, but in this case, they engraved it inside the band. It reads "E.B. 26 Sept 1857"

The word gimmel is derived from the French "jumelle," meaning twin, so the ring consists of two separate bands that fold perfectly together to create one ring. Similar to a puzzle ring, it opens to two separate bands that remain interlocked, to represent the two parts of the couple joining together - two individuals but yet inseparable. How romantic!

I have had a few of these over the years but this is my first one with the twisted rope design. As I type this I am wearing it stacked with a donut and another textured band and it adds a wonderful interest.

Beautiful rich antique gold patina that glows.

These rings are becoming more and more scarce as they are typically fragile, and it is difficult to repair them. Due to their intricate nature they are not sizable.

French hallmark for 18k Gold inside the rim of each when you open it.


Size 5 1/2, slightly over. It is 3.3mm wide when nested together. Weighs 3.6 grams.


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. This gimmel puzzles together but does slip and doesn't fasten closed as the little gold peg has worn from age. So while it does nest a little less snugly than originally, it does still stay together on the hand from tension against the finger while wearing it. When I was handling it, sometimes the two sides would slip or you would see the slight gap between the two sides. But I wore it all day and it never separated when on my finger. It is perfectly shaped and round. Beautiful patina and sheen and glow. I will recommend that it of course needs a gentle hand. It does not need force to nest them together and you wouldn't want to damage the gold by trying to fold it together strongly, but once you get the knack of how they nest, they slide right into place : ) But Due to age - please note this is not a mint condition item.

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