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DRAGONFLY Plique A Jour Green White Enamel Blue SAPPHIRE Ruby Eyes French Vintage 18k Gold Figural

DRAGONFLY Plique A Jour Green White Enamel Blue SAPPHIRE Ruby Eyes French Vintage 18k Gold Figural

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This one graces the finger so beautifully! French vintage 18k gold and enamel dragonfly ring with the body set with a pear sapphire and little ruby eyes. The wings are enameled in the Plique a Jour technique - which loosely translates to "letting in light". This technique is similar to cloisonné, but without the backing metal so light can pass through the enamel glass "panes" poured into each section of the wing with beautiful blue and white coloring.

This ring gives me great memories about these gentle creatures - taking me back to when I was a girl, floating in the lake at my grandparents primitive Wisconsin cottage. The dragonflies would come by for a rest, perching on knees and toes and shoulders, gentle as can be. And we also liked seeing them around as they are predators of pesky biting horseflies and mosquitoes (any other Midwesterners out there that hear me on this? : )

Found in France, I'm not sure how old this one is. Certainly Art Nouveau inspired with the movement and design, and it clearly has some age to it, but I think it is more vintage than antique, looking at the condition of the sapphire and the fabrication which is very unique. The tail or body of the dragonfly curves around to provide the shank, but culminates in a hooked end that wraps up and around behind the dragonfly wings and look like its legs. As such, the shank is not fixed and can spring slightly when pressure is applied, however, I would not say it is adjustable as it seems to spring back.  I would use a gentle hand with it and consider not overly flexing it, so that it does not become more oval, but I did squeeze it one time while handling in the video so the buyer would understand the movement.

French hallmark for 18k gold.

Please note the measurements as I have small fingers and it can be difficult to determine scale from pictures. Antique box is not included.

Currently measures a size 7 1/4 - possibly a little over as the shank is oval in shape and doesn't perfectly fit my sizing mandrel. The dragonfly is 28mm north south by 10mm east west. The sapphire is about 5mm and I was told it is about .4 carat. The piece weighs 4.1g.


There are nicks and chips and some loss to the enamel closest to the body from the little legs that wrap up and around and can sometimes overlap and rub against the enamel causing this loss. Tiniest nibbles to the sapphire facets but overall beautiful coloring. Shank is somewhat oval. I didn't want to try and bend it as it is such a unique fabrication.

Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. They will have patina, surface wear, a few small nicks. These pieces may also have evidence of a sizing, some build up around the stones and / or inclusions seen under magnification, typical for antique pieces. I have mentioned any noticeable issues above and they are all still wearable and eager to be loved and accepted for many years to come, (the preservation of antique jewelry, even those with signs of their age and history, is important to me. : )
But - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition. Pictures also serve as part of the description and condition report so please utilize the zoom feature which will magnify any wear significantly more than what is visible to the eye while wearing : )

I enjoy making my customers happy and matching unique pieces with new homes. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions! It means a lot to me that you are visiting my shop! : )

Please feel free watch @mouseshouseantiques on Instagram for inventory drops, sneak peaks and previews! And check out my website as I can add more pics there so you can get extra looks : )


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