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FIST Antique VICTORIAN Necklace Pendant Holder 25g 12k - 14k Gold Solid Garnet Slide Figural Chain Hand

FIST Antique VICTORIAN Necklace Pendant Holder 25g 12k - 14k Gold Solid Garnet Slide Figural Chain Hand

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This is a unique one when it comes to fabrication and hue. Victorian antique fist pendant that swivels on a bracket leading down to a gorgeous embossed screw bolt clasp / dog clip. As an added design element there is a reversible slide with scrolling details that is set with an oval garnet (or pink tourmaline - same gem family) in a foil back setting.

The piece has a nice heft to it and that ornate dog clip is my favorite part. It swivels freely to make a great pendant holder. But it is unique in its hue which is a very pale yellow gold to almost warm white gold hue. I included a lot of group shots so you can compare it against white gold (bracelets) and 18k gold (the other fist chain). Back then there were no set alloys so this one must have had a lot of nickel in the mix to give it the paler color.

I purchased this in Texas from an antique jewelry dealer with 40 years experience. She purchased the piece in England, tested and sold it to me as 12k gold which is one of their standards in old times. It tests at that with some spots actually holding a higher 14k test. There are some seams connecting the front and back of the slide with solder for example, but we would see areas of underlying metal in other spots of wear and friction, if the piece was plated or gold filled so while it is solid gold, it is just a paler color. It's quite lovely with a warm glow, and could be worn with gold or white gold / silver or diamonds, being more versatile representing both in color and not as contrasting.

I have one of these in my personal collection that I wear constantly. The fist is so interesting and it can be styled in so many different ways. I did an instagram post on how these can be styled to hold pendants, or worn with the fist to the side or even as a bracelet. Feel free to request pics to see its many options. One could also add an additional decorative gemset slide (or multiple slides) to the chain for additional elements.

Note that the continuous hoop chain does not have a clasp anywhere to open it, it is the type you would slip over the head.

Antique boxes, pendants / displays in photos are not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos.

It weighs 25 grams so a sturdier hand feel. It is about 53 inches linear length of gold chain, so over 4 1/4 Feet )!), but again it is permanently doubled and can be worn in various ways. The fist is 13mm from the edge of the cuff to the knuckles, not including the bracket. The slide is 17mm.


Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. I don't see any welds or repairs but the slide moves freely as there is no cork remaining inside. So it tends to almost slide all the way down to the fist but there is a curved chain link there that it catches on. There is a tiny pinhead hole to one knuckle but again evidence that it is solid gold. A ripple here or there to some of the chain links but they have a beautiful shimmer and glow. The piece is over 100 years old so we see this sometimes.
Scarce, collectible and interesting figural piece in solid gold.

My disclaimer with all my antique pieces - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition.

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