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French ANTIQUE 18k GOLD Augis Love Medal Original RING Rose Cut Diamond Ruby Qu'hier Que Demain

French ANTIQUE 18k GOLD Augis Love Medal Original RING Rose Cut Diamond Ruby Qu'hier Que Demain

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Type: Ring
Materials: 18k Gold, Diamond, Ruby
Size: 7 1/4, 
Era: Early 1900s



Original antique French 18k gold love ring made by A. Augis with garland and ribbon halo around the ring face. Often times these are later reproductions or are converted from love medals added to a shank but this one is an original Augis ring from the Art Nouveau Belle Epoque period.

These collectible love medals and rings read:
"(Plus Sign) Qu’hier, (Minus Sign) Que Demain.” This French phrase translates to “more than yesterday, less than tomorrow” speaking of ones love to another. The phrase is a reference to a 19th century French love poem that translates: "For, you see, each day I love you more, Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” Swoon!

These Augis pieces are collectible not only because they are romantic, but because there are many styles and variations. Textbook French and remain popular there still today! With a rich, warm antique patina to the gold. The plus sign is accented with little rose cut diamonds. The minus sign is set with square cut rubies.

Antique box is not included.

Partial goldsmith stamp on the loop where the second A is visible for A Augis, and the back of ring face stamped A.Augis and Depose. "Depose" is the French word for "Registered". It is very similar to our use of patents - so it is signifying not only "made in" but also "copyrighted/registered/patent protected" French design.


Sz 7 ¼, ring face 14x12mm, 3.35g


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. One diamond is chipped with hairline crack within but the surface of it is still polished so it is secure. Typical antique rose cut diamonds like small shards to add a glint of sparkle. One ruby is chipped, but this is seen mostly under magnification. Antique patina from age. This can be polished up if desired but most of my buyers prefer original patina on these antique pieces.
But my disclaimer with all my estate pieces - due to age, please note this piece is not in mint condition.

Thanks so much for looking at my items!

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