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FRENCH Antique 2 1/2 Carat Old Mine DIAMOND Grid Panel Dormeuse Earrings 18k Gold Platinum

FRENCH Antique 2 1/2 Carat Old Mine DIAMOND Grid Panel Dormeuse Earrings 18k Gold Platinum

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Type: Earrings
Materials: 18k Gold, Diamond, Platinum
Size: 2 1/2 Carats Tdw
Era: Early 1900s

Completely encrusted panel earrings, each set with 16 chunky old mine cut diamonds on the square shaped face that is situated to dangle as a diamond shape from each ear (vs. as a sqare where the flat edges are horizontal if that makes sense).

I love the geometric cobble stone appearance to these old French beauties, with different depths of diamonds, some with quite high crowns, cropping out from the surface. So incredibly sparkly and unique.

Many of the old cut diamonds have crown facets that are long and triangular - almost like a French cut? But the stones aren't square. Mine cuts typically have three rows of facets to the crown whereas these have a single row of the long triangle facets to the high crowns. So perhaps some sort of mix of old mine and French cut techniques? I know diamond cutters at the time used their personal knowledge, taste and expertise to enhance each diamond, but it is always fun to find uniquely cut antique diamonds!

These were a Paris find and are stamped with the French antique hallmark for 18k gold used primarily in the 1800s and then discontinued. So fun how they are antiques but still such a relevant almost geometric design for wear today.

Antique box is not included.


Top of ear wire to bottom of each is 18mm. East to west corner to corner is 17mm. If you measure the flat edges, it is 12.5mm square. The pair weighs 5.5 grams.

Each diamond is about 2.5mm give or take and there are 32 of them, some with quite chunky cuts. Exact carat weight is not known as I would never remove them but just using online estimates by mm, I am getting over 2.5 carats total weight in diamonds for the pair.


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. There is a weld at the top of one ear wire but it is stable and I don't think would be noticeable while wearing. One of the latch backs gently clicks into the hooked back, whereas the other just rests together, but the hinges are tight and have enough tension to hold itself closed very well with no danger of comping open without using pressure to manually open and close it. Completely functional and sturdy. Typical antique diamonds with some faint natural inclusions, No dark carbon spots. On one earring, three diamonds have shallow flakes of loss and on the other this is seen on two diamonds. The stones still appear compete and round to the eye but if you catch the surface up close in a reflection you can see the unpolished, frosty area on the surface where the flakes of loss occurred. No eye visible wear whatsoever and a very nice bright sparkle. A few with ever so slightly warmer hues, typical and often times intentional on these antique diamonds, which don't really apply to the modern four 4'c grading scales of the machine cut diamonds of today. Attention grabbing and wearable to dress up or down.

But of course Due to age, please note this is not a mint condition item. Feel free to request additional photos and videos as I have many others besides the 10 allowed here.

I dearly love, collect, use and sell antiques so please check out my other listings and thanks so much for stopping by my shop!

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