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French Antique 2 CARATS Rose Cut Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Chunky TANK Ring 18k Gold Platinum Tall Flared Geometric

French Antique 2 CARATS Rose Cut Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Chunky TANK Ring 18k Gold Platinum Tall Flared Geometric

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I am back from my inventory trips to Europe and listing an assortment of hand picked antique jewelry which I have selected one at a time from around the world. Some examples seen in the last photo - thanks for stopping by!


For all the tank ring lovers out there, here is a fun one! Great geometry, sleek and glowing buttery gold and an encrusted and flared rectangular face give this piece many wonderful elements.

This is an antique piece that I acquired in France from the Art Deco era. It is crafted in 18k yellow gold and topped in platinum as was customary for the time to set diamonds in a white metal. The face is completely encrusted with a beautiful texture due to the 2 carats (approximate) of rose cut diamonds surrounding three old mine cuts raised in the center. 25 Diamonds in all. The ring face is concave with the three old mines standing up to add layers of geometry and a wonderful sparkle. Substantial hand feel and beautiful shiny gold, as I wear it now, the mirrored finish glows a reflection off the adjacent fingers and the sparkle is to die for.

French hallmark for 18k gold and platinum.

Antique boxes, props, staircases and bannisters ; ) not included. Please note the measurements as I have small fingers and it can be difficult to determine scale from pictures.

I couldn't get an exact measurement on a sizing mandrel because it has two ball rivets in gold soldered to the back of the shank. The purpose of these can be for sizing, or arthritic fingers, but also as is the case with this ring – it is to provide weight and a hold at the base of the finger since the piece is top heavy, so it doesn't spin sideways while wearing. It can easily be removed by any jeweler, and especially if the buyer plans to have the piece sized.

Right now it seems to wear around a size 7. Ring face is 21x11mm and 8mm tall off the finger. The tall shoulders are as wide as the face and taper towards the back but remains quite wide. It weighs a very sturdy 13.3 grams.

Exact depths of the diamonds and thereby exact carat weight is unknown / approximate but using estimates it is around 2 carats in diamonds. The largest center OMC is 4.7mm with the adjacent OMCs measuring 3.7mm each. These are surrounded by a halo of 22 rose cuts around 2mm each, give or take.


Typical antique diamonds, the center has a warm hue and there are some natural inclusions slightly eye visible. One of the side OMC has a frosty area which is an inclusion across the stone and the other side OMC has some flakes of loss to the edge facets leaving a frosty unpolished surface. It still appears mostly complete while wearing but slightly out of round as the frosty edge facets lead to the nibbled area of the girdle.

The rose cuts are also typical for antique rough, hand cut stones with some frosty spots, irregular edges and facets, some nicks and wear. They provide a nice and "crusty" untamed sparkle to serve as the backdrop to the old mine cuts.

There are no dark spots to the gold, it was just difficult to photograph because it is so shiny and mirrored that it reflects its surroundings.

Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. They will have patina, surface wear, a few small nicks. These pieces may also have evidence of a sizing, some build up around the stones and / or inclusions seen under magnification, typical for antique pieces. I have mentioned any noticeable issues above and they are all still wearable and eager to be loved and accepted for many years to come, (the preservation of antique jewelry, even those with signs of their age and history, is important to me. : )
But - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition. Pictures also serve as part of the description and condition report so please utilize the zoom feature which will magnify any wear significantly more than what is visible to the eye while wearing : )

I would be delighted if you'd follow me in my shop. Thanks for stopping by!
Please feel free watch @mouseshouseantiques on insta for inventory drops, sneak peaks and previews!


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