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XL FRENCH Antique Art Deco 1.75 Carat 27 Old Mine Rose Cut DiAMOND Ring 8.5g 18k White GoLD PLATiNUM

XL FRENCH Antique Art Deco 1.75 Carat 27 Old Mine Rose Cut DiAMOND Ring 8.5g 18k White GoLD PLATiNUM

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Type: Ring
Materials: 18k White Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Size: 8 1/2, 1.75 Carat Tdw
Era: Art Deco early 1900s



Awesome French antique Art Deco era ring in 18k white gold and platinum set with 3 old mine cut diamonds and 24 rose cuts on the lobed shoulders totaling around 1 3/4 carats total weight in old cut diamonds. Large and sturdy piece with quality hand feel, it has a beautiful sparkle and geometric design. The ring face domes up holding the prong set OMC's in a line down the center.

I also love that it takes up a lot of real estate on the finger, measuring about 18mm (0.7 inches) wide north to south on the finger. A chunky stacker, and also a beautiful and substantial worn alone as a right hand or cocktail ring.

Antique box not included.


Size 8 1/2. It weighs a sturdy 8.5 grams. It domes 7mm off the finger with thick gold and platinum work.
Exact depth is unknown but we took our caliper to the stones under magnification to give you our best and honest measurements and the three old mine cut diamonds are 3.7mm each and then around 3mm deep (about .25 carat each?). The 6 largest rose cuts (one at the top of each lobe) are around 2.6mm, graduating down (in groups of 6 diamonds) at 2.2mm, then 2mm and 1mm. Varying depths to the rose cuts and exact depths are unknown as I would never remove them from the setting. Plugging these into online calculators and estimations we are getting a conservative estimate of around 1 3/4 carats total weight (1.75Ctw.)


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. Typical antique diamonds. Three of the rose cuts have some small chips, difficult to detect with the eye but you can see the slightly unpolished / frosty or uneven surface of one side facet here or there on just those three smaller rose cuts if you really study it up close in a reflection. One of the end OMC's has two chips to the girdle edge, again barely visible to the eye and not really seen with normal wear. The prongs and halo of platinum below helps to mask these so they all appear perfeclty rounnd. Some frosty inclusions especially to the one OMC on the other end which can catch the light but again barely eye visible. These old diamonds were cut long before the four c's existed or emphasis was placed on such things. No dark or carbon spots or gray or brown inclusions. All have a bright color and wonderful sparkle. A bit of stubborn build up but I do not like to aggressively clean my antiques.
The prongs look quite good and all the stones are stable, it is actually quite a sturdy piece.

It is amazingly eye catching and beautiful to wear. But Due to age - please note this is not a mint condition item. I have many more photos and videos besides the number allowed here so feel free to reach out for additional looks!

Pics serve as part of the description so please utilize the zoom feature. Please also note that I take some photos / videos in the sunshine because it captures the lovely color and sparkle, but it also highlights any surface wear, scratches, abrasions, buildup or inclusions that can catch the light, making these things appear worse than they would with normal day to day wear. : )

Thanks so much for looking at my items!

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