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FRENCH Antique DATED 1895 2.95g 18k Rose Gold 5.5mm Wide Wedding Band Chunky RING Stacker

FRENCH Antique DATED 1895 2.95g 18k Rose Gold 5.5mm Wide Wedding Band Chunky RING Stacker

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Timeless French antique 18k gold wedding band engraved and dated inside for July 24, 1895 (in French) with the couple's names inside (I can't quite decipher them for sure) and the word "unis" which means "united on". Elegant, simple, beautiful, makes the perfect stacker.
It is not like modern rose gold but has typical "rosy" antique patina to the gold. This is because the alloys used at the time (with no exact known formula) richen with time and age. So it is not the vibrant pink rose gold that you see today which is a specific formula. It is antique rose gold. : ) It's kind of hard to describe the French antique patina. Whatever it is, I love it! : )

No hallmarks remain which is common for French pieces as they are marked on the outside and often lost during a sizing or from wear. But sold to me from a reputable source in France where the standard is 18k and tested to confirm.

Antique box is not included. Please note the measurements as I have small fingers and it can be difficult to determine scale from pictures.


Size 8 1/4. It is 5.5mm north and south with a depth of 0.8mm. Weighs 2.95 grams.


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. This one has a blunt edge to each edge of the shank from wear and thinning to the gold. Certainly still super stable, does not flex and has a nice weight, but it is just the edges that are blunt from years and years of wear. Uniform surface wear and patina from aging to the gold. Beautiful antique patina and sheen. Feels wonderful on the finger, and stacks so beautifullyd. It is quite a sturdy / chunky band with No deep dings or dents. But Due to age - please note this is not a mint condition item.

Please also note that I take some photos / videos in the sunshine because it captures the lovely color and sparkle, but it also highlights any surface wear, scratches, abrasions, buildup or inclusions that can catch the light, making these things appear worse than they would with normal day to day wear. : )

Thanks so much for looking at my items! I'd be delighted if you'd follow me in my shop!


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