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French Georgian ANTIQUE Bow Ribbon 2ctw. 46 Rose Cut DIAMONDS Figural 18k Gold

French Georgian ANTIQUE Bow Ribbon 2ctw. 46 Rose Cut DIAMONDS Figural 18k Gold

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Type: Pendant
Materials: 18k Gold, Diamond, Silver
Size: 35mm, 2 Carats Tdw
Era: Georgian early 1800s



Beautiful French Georgian antique bow ribbon figural piece set with many many little rose cut diamonds. I count 46. 18k rosy gold topped in silver with a dark antique patina which makes the over 2 carats of bright white antique diamonds really pop.

A few important things to note - there is one rose cut missing in a discreet location (on the right side at the top between the two sections of the bow) - this is not really visible when facing forward which is why I did not take it to be repaired because I find it wearable as is. You have to angle it downward to see the open bezel.

Also - there is currently no loop to hang it from a chain. It looks like it may have been a pin or brooch at one time. It does make the perfect pendant but you'd have to have your jeweler add a loop or you can run a chain through the bow as shown in photos. Selling it As Is. If it doesn't sell, I'll take it to have a loop and diamond added and sell it for more but rather than spend time having it repaired, I decided to list her. : )

Very sweet shape with lifelike movement like it's actually curled ribbon, a fun addition to your neckmess or neckstack with amazing sparkle factor. It's so beautiful and glittery - I love it.

No hallmarks remain but sold to me as and tests at 18k gold which is the standard in France and topped in silver as was customary to set the stones in a white metal. Chain is not included.


It measures 35mm wide and 25mm tall. It weighs 3.9 grams. Diamonds are each about 2mm. I do not know the depth of each stone to get an exact carat weight but just using online estimates for a 2mm rose cut, and the fact that there are 46 (!) of them - I am getting a total carat weight of over 2 carats / 2ctw.


Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned with some age to them so they are in estate condition. As mentioned, no loop / bale and missing one diamond. Many of the prongs are in great shape but a few have worn or pulled away. The reason for the lost stone is that they were only able to add 3 prongs since it is tucked under the ribbon above, not allowing prong work there which is why it came loose. Still with some of the prongs pulling away a bit, I would assume others may be in danger of loss as well so I'd definitely recommend gentle, special occasion wear. Nothing loose at the moment - but just thinking of it rattling on a neckmess. ; ) It might knock additional stones loose so something to keep in mind as I am selling it as is with the note that with time additional additional stones may come loose considering its age of 200 years. Dark antique patina with rose gold back, it is wonderful in its coloring. Typical antique rough cut diamonds with some irregular facets, frosty edges and inclusions as this was long before modern day rating scales and jewelers of the time used what was available to them. Considering age these diamonds have a very bright white color, and a wonderful vibrance, fire and sparkle with no dingy or even warm hues surprisingly.

But by disclaimer as always due to age is this piece is not in mint condition.

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