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French GEORGIAN Era Weeping WILLOW URN Mourning Ring Black Sardonyx 18k Gold Early 1800s Dated Hallmark

French GEORGIAN Era Weeping WILLOW URN Mourning Ring Black Sardonyx 18k Gold Early 1800s Dated Hallmark

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Type: Ring
Materials: 18k Gold, Sardonyx
Size: 8 3/4
Era: Georgian early 1800s



One of my favorites, but alas... too many favorites, not enough fingers. : )
This beautiful original French antique Georgian era ring has such a striking lifelike design. This mourning ring is a Paris find with the popular mourning scene featuring the motifs of the weeping willow above the urn.

The ring is stamped on the shank with an 18k hallmark that was used only in the early 1800s.

The stone stumps me a bit. I first assumed it was a Sardonyx which is a variety of agate / banded onyx with linear bands of various colors, (in the classification of chalcedony quartz). But when I study the stone, I can see that it has red specks like a bloodstone. However the color is definitely black and white, there is no hint of green to it. It does test as a semi precious stone, it is not glass or plastic.

Striking deep carving with beautiful black and white coloring and a crimped / beveled shank.

(Box used for staging is not included.)


Size 8 3/4, the stone is 18x12mm. Weight is 2.3 grams, it has a dainty hand feel.


Please note that all my pieces are in estate condition. The shank is very dainty, it flexes when you squeeze it. The stone is set into a bezel that extends out the back and is blunt against the finger so do note that it can be a bit uncomfortable if rubbed against the skin or worn too tightly on the finger. For those reasons the piece needs gentle wear, but it is a collectible Georgian piece - the things we do for love (of antique jewelry.) There is a hairline on the left side, I can't detect it with my eye but can see it under magnification. There is a solder spot on the back inside at one shoulder but it is tidy and not visible while wearing. A few small chips to the white fronds of the willow tree. The bezel is dark with patina and there is some build up, I did not clean it. Very legible and beautiful.

But - Please note due to age, like all my antique pieces, this piece is not in mint condition.

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