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French VICTORIAN Perpignan GARNET Half Riviere Necklace 18k Gold Chain Antique Hallmark Gemset Clasp

French VICTORIAN Perpignan GARNET Half Riviere Necklace 18k Gold Chain Antique Hallmark Gemset Clasp

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Type: Necklace, Chain
Materials: 18k Gold, Garnet
Size: 18 1/2 Inches
Era: Victorian (1837-1901)



These antique Perpignan Garnets top my list of all time favorite gemstones. Their delicious berry wine coloring, light reflectivity and beautiful glow from within just make them so special and just so appealing to me.

These are named as such for the region where they were mined in the South of France. They are known for their beautiful color and brilliance, along with the way the stones were cut. These mines have long since closed and this piece bears the French antique hallmark used primarily in the 1800s and discontinued in the early 1900s, verifying their authenticity of age and the joy of knowing exactly where they came from. In olden times Perpignan Garnets were thought to cure blood disorders and excessive anger, and symbolized constancy and loyalty.

The colors of each of these natural stones vary slightly, from true crimson red to a more pinkish or purplish red. Note that this piece has been altered - it was likely a full riviere necklace and at some point in its life, a later paperclip chain was added to the back half so it is now a half riviere. They did retain and re-use the original clasp which is gemset and bears the antique hallmark. All components are in 18k gold, which is the standard in France. The domed backs of the collet set garnets have a rosier patina from aging to the alloys in the antique gold, while the paperclip chain is a glowing yellow gold. This difference in hue is not really evident when wearing as only the little gold outlines of the collets appear when the stones are facing out.

To make this piece even more French ; ) This style of necklace is called "riviere" which is French for "river". They are named so for the way they drip and drape and flower so beautifully around the neck.


It is 18.5 inches in length. Each collet set garnet is 9.5mm in diameter and about 6mm deep with the rose cut gemstones and domed backs. Each link of the paperclip chain is 8.5mm with a width of 2.5mm. It weighs 17.5g


As mentioned the piece was altered with the later paperclip chain added at some point during its life. About a dozen of the paperclip links have a curve, bend or ripple as seen in pics.

All the garnets and the clasp are original to the antique piece. I noticed while wearing it that sometimes the stones like to tip forward or roll upside down. I suppose they may all be this way with the domed backs and gems that "flow like a river" and I would also mention that it looks pretty awesome when the gold domed backs show like a gold pearl necklace, but just wanted to mention it. Several have shallow ripples and a few deeper dings to the domed backs. A few nicks and nibbles to the garnets under magnification but while wearing they all have a glossy shine and polish and again the most amazing color and glow. There is a safety chain at the back from the original clasp but it does not connect to anything. So it could be removed or a spring ring could be added to the opposite to serve as a back up connection. Having said that the clasp is very secure and closes with a snap.

But of course Due to age, please note this is not a mint condition item. Feel free to request additional photos and videos as I have many others besides the 10 allowed here.

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