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HEAVY Georgian Rose Cut DIAMOND Giardinetti Ring 11.1g 18k Gold 10mm Wide Cigar Band Silver Collets Floral Figural Antique

HEAVY Georgian Rose Cut DIAMOND Giardinetti Ring 11.1g 18k Gold 10mm Wide Cigar Band Silver Collets Floral Figural Antique

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I had a "clean out the jewelry box" moment this week and decided to release several pieces from my personal collection.

I love floral jewelry (and dishes if you follow my shop and staging : ) and I love stackable bands so this one was right up my alley. This one of a kind ring is super substantial with a heavy hand feel of over 11 grams. This is a French antique piece. The applied 3D floral and leaf detail is an antique component from the Georgian period set with glittering rose cut diamonds in silver collet settings. It appears to be a conversion to a ring (with the shank dating later) with the floral details draped gracefully over an extra wide 18k gold and very sturdy cigar band.

It is so eye catching with the leaf and stem details rising off the finger, accented by the moody glitter of the rose cut diamonds. I have never seen another like it. I love it dearly, but my down time is spent tussling with 17 nieces and nephews so I found I didn't have much occasion to wear this 3D, high impact ring as it didn't seem to combine well with "tickle fingers".

But really - a fabulous and unique piece. One of my favorites. French hallmarks for 18k gold (shank) and silver (applied details).

Antique box not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos.


It is around a size 6 1/2. It sizes over that on my mandrel when measuring to the center of the wide shank but with the extra wide band it wears closer to a 6 1/2 I think. It weighs a very sturdy 11.1 grams. The cigar band is an extra wide 10mm north south. The floral and leaf detail actually extends further and reaches out slightly past the shank. The floral / leaf motif is 22mm east west.
The highest leaf details rise about 6mm off the finger.


Typical antique diamonds with warm hues from age to the foil back. These should avoid being submerged or getting wet. Because this is a conversion the diamonds are actually in great condition with really no chips or nicks like we often see on rings of this age. The applied motif appears to be attached by a rivet with some solder at the ends and does move just slightly but it is secure. However the nature of such a detailed piece with tall, 3D and pointed designs means it needs gentler wear so as not to catch on things. Some of the solder is visible if you are looking for it, under the floral motif where they attached the ends to the band. But it is an amazing statement piece and one of a kind for a collector.

Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned. They will have patina, surface wear, a few small nicks. These pieces may also have evidence of a sizing, some build up around the stones and / or inclusions seen under magnification, typical for antique pieces. I have mentioned any noticeable issues above and they are all still wearable and eager to be loved and accepted for many years to come, (the preservation of antique jewelry, even those with signs of their age and history, is important to me. : )
But - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition. Pictures also serve as part of the description and condition report so please utilize the zoom feature which will magnify any wear significantly more than what is visible to the eye while wearing : )

Thanks so much for looking at my items!

Please feel free watch @mouseshouseantiques on Instagram for inventory drops, sneak peaks and previews! And check out my website - I have more pictures uploaded there.

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