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HEAVY Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Ring 1 1/4 Carats French Antique Art Deco Chunky Ring 11g 18k Gold Chunky Flared

HEAVY Old Mine Cut DIAMOND Ring 1 1/4 Carats French Antique Art Deco Chunky Ring 11g 18k Gold Chunky Flared

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Type: Ring
Materials: 18k Gold, Diamond
Size: 5 1/2, 1 1/4 Carats
Era: Art Deco, early 1900s


This one packs a punch both in look and feel, with its unique flared setting and domed top encrusted with old cut diamonds. This glittering chunky French Art Deco ring is set with approximately 1 1/4 carats of diamonds with three larger center stones and eight smaller surrounding. All the stones are old mine cut except for one of the larger end stones is an old European cut. Not uncommon to find a mix of stones on the same piece as jewelers of the time used what was available to them.

These sparklers are set in a tall flared ring face with sleek gold work, it is so interesting from all angles. I like to view the crowns of the diamonds from the side with its cobblestone encrusted top. Quite sturdy / heavy, the buttery 18k gold props up the diamonds on a platform of incredible sparkle. There are little diamond shapes chiseled into the ring face between the stones to add texture and geometry. Very unique design and fabrication. The entire raised ring face just glitters.

French hallmarks for 18k gold remaining faintly on the back of the shank along with a goldsmith stamp.
Antique Box not included.


Currently a size 5 1/2, just slightly over on my mandrel but doesn't reach 5 3/4 . It weighs a very sturdy 10.65 grams.

Without removing the diamonds from the setting, the three center diamonds are each about 4.2mm in diameter and estimated to be around .84 carat total for the three. The eight flanking smaller old mine cuts are about 2.2 to 2.5mm each for another .4 carats approximate. Exact depths of each and thereby carat weight are unknown but just using online estimates it is around 1 1/4 carats of old cut diamonds.

The ring face is 24x9mm. It stands 7mm off the finger.


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. Typical antique diamonds - Some of the smaller diamonds can read slightly gray but it may also be contributed to by the angled setting. The center stones are also very slightly warm but face up brighter. Also typical for antique stones, one of the larger diamonds has some slightly eye visible inclusions / small flecks. No glaring inclusions to the others and most of this is seen under a loupe. The outlining smaller diamonds also have some flecks and frosty spots but they are smaller so again nothing glaring to the eye. I don't see any nicks, chips or nibbles even under magnification.

The gold work has a few soft dings and nicks, not too glaring, however they can catch the light due to the mirrored shine of the gold. The heavy gold is pure butter, so any color differences you see are reflections of the surroundings, camera, trees outside the window, etc.

A worn prong here or there also typical for age, to keep an eye on over time. Enough remain to hold them all securely but something to always keep an eye on with antique jewelry in original condition. Of course re-enforcement is always possible if desired by your local jeweler but most of my buyers opt for special occasion wear and original condition.

Overall very sturdy and wearable. Presents and wears beautifully but due to age, this is not a mint condition item.

Thanks so much for looking at my items! I'd be delighted if you'd follow me in my shop!


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