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HEAVY Shimmering French Antique 25g 18k GOLD Chunky Double Rolo Belcher Chain Graduated Link 16" Necklace

HEAVY Shimmering French Antique 25g 18k GOLD Chunky Double Rolo Belcher Chain Graduated Link 16" Necklace

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Type: Necklace, Chain
Materials: 18k Gold
Size: 24.7 Grams / 16 inches
Era: Victorian (1837-1901)



Wonderful heft and shimmering glow to this French antique gold chain / necklace. The links are created from two round donut cable links giving it an appearance of a ribbed rolo chain. It feels wonderful to roll the circular links of the chain, the piece has a beautiful movement and such a rich yellow gold glow. The links graduate in size becoming larger towards the middle. And towards the end of the chain (or back of the neck when worn), the double loops end, changing to single loops for about 2 inches on each side.

This piece is solid gold in that it is not gold plated or gold filled, but the larger double links / donuts have a hollow area inside almost like pipes. We see many old chains fabricated in this method. This one used thick gold when fabricating though so there are very few dings, ripples or dents. Under magnification, you can see the seams inside some links where the the gold was connected and soldered smooth and there is some age related wear here making the seam evident now here and there from years and years of rubbing. The 2 inches of single chain on each end are solid gold links where they are solid all the way through.

I purchased this in France. It has the French eagle and boar hallmark on the clasp, which may be a replacement clasp (as it appears a bit small compared to the chain) or the boar is signifying the Paris assay office in the early 1900s. I have seen several French gold chains with clasps marked in this way. There is also a portion of a hallmark on one of the last double loops leading to the single loop area, but it is worn and no longer decipherable. Rich buttery patina to the gold, it wears just beautifully. Antique boxes / items in displays in photos are not included.

It weighs a sturdy 24.7g. Stretched end to end it's 16 inches. The chain link is 8mm x3.2mm with the loops doubled at the largest links (so each link is about 1.6mm wide if you separate them) . The thickness / gauge of each loop is about 1.6mm as well as they are round.

Several of the links have some tiny holes inside. This is not evident while wearing, but is the result of the gold inside the links near the seams being rubbed and spun over years and years wearing the gold thin in some spots around the seam. You can see it if you hold the chain close up and attempt to look inside each link. This was the only way I was able to determine the links had some hollow space inside, because you can see the gold inside the links with vacant space. Fortunately there is really no major wear visible on the outside of the links, no dings or dents, no crimps and no holes so it looks fabulous while wearing. There is some build up again inside the links under magnification, especially catching around some of the aforementioned punctures but I gave it a light cleaning and it looks fabulous.

Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. Beautiful rich patina that has warmed the 18k gold - it has a beautiful glow. Some signs of it being worn from age, where there is a very slight / gradual curve, or a ripple here or there but still very stable. Some surface wear but this is only seen if you study it up close due to the mirrored finish. To the eye and while wearing it as an amazing color and shine, like I said it truly glows and the 18 plus grams of solid 18k gold make it a special piece indeed. Sturdy, wearable and interesting piece in the solid gold version. There are no dark or colored spots to the gold, it was just difficult to photograph because it is so shiny and mirrored that it reflects its surroundings. Impactful worn alone but also layers well with other pieces.

My disclaimer with all my pieces - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition.

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