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MISTLETOE 18K SOLiD Gold Rare FRENCH Belle Epoque Art Nouveau Antique Pearl LOCKET Pendant Colored Green Gold

MISTLETOE 18K SOLiD Gold Rare FRENCH Belle Epoque Art Nouveau Antique Pearl LOCKET Pendant Colored Green Gold

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I am selling an assortment of vintage to antique jewelry and rings which I have hunted for and gathered from around the world. Some examples seen in the last photo - thanks for stopping by!


Beautiful French antique 18k gold mistletoe locket with green gold raised leaves set with small pearls. This is an antique piece from the Belle Epoque period that I acquired in France. I love the ornate design and the contrasting green gold leaves on the buttery warm antique 18k gold locket. There is a removable frame on one side to tuck a photo behind and some red cloth inside.

It is hallmarked on the rim with the French eagle hallmark for 18k gold. Would make a wonderful holiday gift or the perfect accent to wear to holiday parties as the age, design and colored gold make it quite a unique and rare piece. The gold has a beautiful satin finish, so it helps mask surface wear compared to a polished gold piece with a mirrored finish.

While we now commonly associate it with the holidays, in the past mistletoe was used year round as a symbol and design motif representing many other things besides Christmas. In the Middle Ages in France, mistletoe was cut and offered to encourage prosperity and long life. Its evergreen leaves symbolized 'life that does not die'. In addition to long life, it was also associated with fertility, health and even a good harvest in the months to come. In the late 1800s / early 1900s in France, it became a very popular Art Nouveau motif representing good luck and also peace. And of course in the past and still today we see it as a representation of love, friendship and romance.

The chain in the photos is not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos.


23mm tall to the top of the attached loop and 20mm wide. It weighs 2.6 Grams.


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. IMPORTANT note that this very old piece needs a Gentle hand. The gold work is very thin so you want to handle the piece from the RIM only, as pressing in the middle to close it causes the piece to cave in where the thin gold covers flex inward. To do this repeatedly may cause holes to the gold. Some surface wear to the gold from wear over the years, there are at least half dozen very shallow pinhead or linear impressions on both the front and back. They aren't super deep or glaring on the front side, but appear more like a shadow here or there and gives it a slightly rippled appearance.

Sold as Is as the piece is 18k gold and I used to sell the gold fill ones at over $200. The piece is well over 100 years old and it was clearly worn so please look for that in photos. The hinge is very tight, it snaps closed perfectly and snugly and yet isn't too hard to open so it functions beautifully.

But my disclaimer with all my estate pieces - due to age, please note this piece is not in mint condition.

Thanks so much for looking at my items!


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