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OPENING Panels GEORGIAN Antique Ring Heavy 9.2g 18k Gold Wide Band RARE Multi Colorful Enamel

OPENING Panels GEORGIAN Antique Ring Heavy 9.2g 18k Gold Wide Band RARE Multi Colorful Enamel

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Very special and rare Georgian custom made ring in 18k rose gold. I have been looking for one of these forever and finally found this one in Paris! This one of a kind ring has hinged panels all the way around, each with a different color of striking enamel, that open to show a gothic letter surrounded by cobalt blue enamel on the other side. This beautiful band is 11.5mm wide with the ever popular Georgian foliate design on the top and bottom rim. The middle of the ring has a beveled appearance from each of the rectangular little doors / panels.

With the varying colors of red, green, blue, white, purple and black, this substantial band is just beautiful to wear. I'm not sure though what the letters inside represent though. They are in old gothic font and look like D.(Q or O).?.P.? E. I don't know if it is a couple's initials? The piece is crafted in amazing quality with tight tiny antique gold hinges and the panel doors that nest perfectly into place. There is a tiny bit of vacant space to tuck a tiny sheet of paper or something but the doors fit quite snugly so I don't know if it could be used as a locket, but fabulous construction. Note that one panel is just textured gold / undecorated and does not open. Another of the panels does not have a letter inside but has the symbol matching the outside design on the inside as well.

No hallmarks remain, sold to me as 18k gold and tested, it has a rose gold glow to it. I do not think the ring is sizable because of the hollow band.

Antique Box not included. Please note the measurements as I have small fingers and it can be difficult to determine scale from pictures.


The ring sits perfectly between size 7 and 8 on the mandrel, making the middle of the shank a size 7 1/2. Because of the wide band and displacement of the finger when worn it fits more snugly than that, around a 7? I do not think it is sizable because of the hollow band.


Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. As mentioned one of the panels is a textured gold panel and does not open. For the other panels, you have to use a tiny needle inserted into the little pinhead hole at the corner of each to open then and when I do that, there is some adhesive visible on the inside around that textured panel. Some of it has also crept onto one of the letters inside the adjacent door. At first I thought the extra panel was there for sizing purposes when the person had it made 200 years ago, to possibly make the ring larger but not having another letter to use - but after seeing the adhesive inside in that one area I assume it is a repair or alteration of some sort? There may have been one additional lettered panel there that was lost at some point in its history since the vacant gold panel is secured inside with adhesive. The adhesive is not visible in the least when wearing the piece and when I wear the ring, I situate the undecorated panel to the back / inside the hand so it is not visible facing up, but please look for that in photos. The enamel on the outside of all the doors is in fabulous condition with vibrant and complete coloring. The enamel around the letters inside have more chips and nicks, I think due to the nature of it having to be opened with a needle to view the other side and getting nicked in the process. The ring wears perfectly when the panels are closed, they have the perfect amount of tension and never flap open.

Pretty amazing and intricate fabrication. It of course needs a gentle hand when we are talking about 200 year old tiny gold hinges, you wouldn't want to handle it roughly for fear of breaking a panel. I would also take it off when hand washing just so it doesn't get wet inside and hold water or buildup.

So of course due to age - Please note this piece is not in mint condition.

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