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RARE French Nobility HINGED Ring Engraved / Dated 1854 Antique GIMMEL Wedding Band 18k Gold

RARE French Nobility HINGED Ring Engraved / Dated 1854 Antique GIMMEL Wedding Band 18k Gold

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Overheard today at Mouse's Household: "That's it! We are officially shutting down the shop and keeping EVERYTHING!" Sigh... if only I could keep all the good stuff and still become a millionaire small business owner : ). Thanks for looking!


Personal collection release that I purchased in Paris and have enjoyed wearing for its hidden secrets, with ties to the French nobility, some of which is known and stated below.

Love this romantic piece which has so much going for it!
- DATED French antique wedding band / ring: "18 Janvier (January), 1854"
- Incredibly unique and intricate fabrication where the two bands are connected with a hinge on each side so they can be opened to read the engravings of the couple's names and wedding date and then closed to appear and be worn as a single band.
- This Paris find is in rich, buttery 18k gold with French hallmark
- Three inside edges are engraved in old font with the names: "M.A.C.H. La VALLEE de la GILARDALE" and "V.M.J. GUYOT de SALINS".

Someone on instagram kindly provided me with a link about the married couple. Victor-Marie Guyot d'Asnières de Salins was a member of the French nobility as the Count of Salins from 1887 until his death in 1899. On the lineage program that was shared with me, the noble family can be traced back to the 1400s and appeared to be a military family with many knights in his line, all Lords of Asnières, and furthest back to the Duke of Bavaria. The other name on the ring - Victor-Marie's wife, Marie Antoinette Caroline Henriette de La Vallée de La Gilarderie was philanthropical, as the founder of the work of Sainte-Marthe and a member of the Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

I am just absolutely stunned that this wonderful French traditional Gimmel wedding band still functions as it was made over 170 years ago.

The word gimmel is derived from the French "jumelle," meaning twin. Similar to a puzzle ring, this French traditional wedding band opens to two separate bands that remain interlocked, to represent the two parts of the couple joining together - two individuals but yet inseparable. How romantic!

These rings are becoming more and more scarce as they can be fragile, it is difficult to repair them and due to their intricate nature they are not sizable. It is unbelievable how perfect the fabrication is to get them to nest together, and then swivel out. I have seen a handful of interlocking gimmel rings, but have only ever seen this one that is hinged to butterfly open and closed in this manner.

French hallmark for 18k Gold.


Size 7 1/4 it is 2.4mm wide. Weighs 2.12 grams.


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. Ever the slightest seam visible while wearing. They still nest together perfectly and it is perfectly shaped and round. There are tiny pinhead holes drilled into each band on one side, I do not know why, perhaps part of its construction as it was done during the fabrication of the ring. I can see a few tiny engravings on the outside, I wonder if it was engraved with a decorative element which has worn as it appears mostly undecorated now. No real notable condition issues which is surprising considering the fabrication, aside from the surface wear commensurate with age, and a scuff here or there. No deep dings or dents. Beautiful patina and sheen. I will recommend that it of course needs a gentle hand as you wouldn't want to damage the hinges by opening it too widely strongly, but the most amazing fabrication and unbelievable to find a piece of this age still in such well functioning condition. But Due to age - please note this is not a mint condition item.

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