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RARE Shooting STAR French Antique Fossil Starburst Pin Brooch for Pendant St. Vincent Historic

RARE Shooting STAR French Antique Fossil Starburst Pin Brooch for Pendant St. Vincent Historic

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If you like French antique jewelry, this is a special one with a wonderful story.

A Saint Vincent Star jewel. The black star pattern at the center of each gold bezel is actually a fossil of the pentacrine. This star-shaped fossil is in fact a segment of the stem of a fossilised animal which resembled a sea-anemone. This is a French regional jewel from Digne les Bains, and these pieces were only ever made in that region making them very unique, very limited in supply and very French. Created initially by the jeweler Antoine Colomb around 1850 from fossils discovered on a hill in the region, pentacrine-set jewels were avidly sought after as souvenirs by tourists visiting the town. Pieces like this one were considered good luck charms, popular in the second half of the 19th century, when this piece was made.

Found in France, these are not commonly found in the USA. No hallmarks remain but crafted in 18k gold tested, the pin back is metal, likely steel for strength.

Any props not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos..

Weight: 3.4g.

Note that as a pendant, it doesn't sit flat on the decollette very well right now. I got it to hold for a pic but when wearing it can teeter some due to the pin back. This could easily be nipped off in moments by your local jeweler and a loop added, but I decided to sell it as is in case someone liked it as a brooch.

One little rivet detail is missing at the point of one part of the large star. There is some solder bubbles visible between that largest star and the connecting one which may have been fortified there. Some buildup around one of the smallest stars but I didn't want to scrub it. Varying patina to the gold with some warmth and age related deterioration, especially to the steel pin back. Also note that the star tips are sharp! Not a fault, just how the piece was fabricated.
Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. They will have patina, surface wear, a few small nicks. These pieces may also have evidence of a sizing, some build up around the stones and / or inclusions seen under magnification, typical for antique pieces. I have mentioned any noticeable issues above and they are all still wearable and eager to be loved and accepted for many years to come, (the preservation of antique jewelry, even those with signs of their age and history, is important to me. : )
But - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition. Pictures also serve as part of the description and condition report so please utilize the zoom feature which will magnify any wear significantly more than what is visible to the eye while wearing : )

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