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STAR DIAMOND Encrusted 1.7 Carats 61 Chunky Rose Cut Diamond French Antique 18k Gold Pocket Watch Case Pendant

STAR DIAMOND Encrusted 1.7 Carats 61 Chunky Rose Cut Diamond French Antique 18k Gold Pocket Watch Case Pendant

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Personal collection release - Amazing Sparkle! 61 Antique Rose Cut diamonds totaling around 1.7 carats (estimated!) with a star shaped center.

This striking French Victorian era antique pocket watch case would make the most beautiful pendant for your #neckmess or #neckstack. Crafted in 18k gold, it is decorated with small but chunky rose cut diamonds.

I got this in Paris last year.

The piece has the most amazing texture because the diamonds are not the tiny thinly sliced inset discs that we often see. Instead they are the crowned or dutch rose cuts which actually dome up and out from their flat backs - really putting "crusty" (in a great way!) to the term diamond encrusted. There are five larger diamonds in the center of the star which has a bezel pattern that extends out to the edge of the case. It is quite striking.

NOTE that the inside watch mechanism does not work and is likely not repairable as a time piece. I am selling it As Is - as an amazing pendant with the clock facing the back. More important condition notes below. Sold as is.

It is hallmarked with the French hallmark used primarily in the 1800s for 18k gold and discontinued by the early 1900s. Very dark patina around the diamonds so they are definitely set in silver as was customary for the period. The gold has a wonderful patina with warm rosy highlights and a rich, buttery glow.

Chain in photos is not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos.

This is a Smaller Size pocket watch, would have been a ladies watch on a chatelaine or watch chain.

About 34mm to the top of the loop by 23mm tall by 11mm deep. It weighs a sturdy 12.8 grams with the watch mechanism is inside.

There are over 61 diamonds in varying sizes. The largest five center rose cuts in the star center are about 2.5mm. The others in the star measure 5 at 1mm and 5 at 2mm. The 45 diamonds outside the star are each 1 to 1.7mm. It would be impossible to calculate an exact carat weight as I would never remove the stones and depths would vary. But using estimates by millimeter it comes to around 1.7 carats.

All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition considering age. As mentioned the watch mechanism is inside and does not work. I am selling the case as is, as a pendant. The cover opens to reveal the watch face, but the back cover which is diamond encrusted does not open. Under magnification I can see a small gold weld where it was tacked shut to hold it closed. It is a small weld so it could likely be cut to open to reveal the watch mechanism, but I am selling it as is, because having it tacked shut is probably what is holding it closed so it doesn't flop open while wearing, as some of the rims can get worn on these over time.

These always need gentler wear due to the many many stones set into the antique setting and all the hinges and glass and old bead prongs. But this one especially with all the tiny diamonds individually set - it needs gentle handling. There are some nicks to the stones but they look like amazing, period appropriate rough cut diamonds, so moody and fabulous with their hand cut irregular shapes and crowned facets. The diamonds appear foil backed unless they are just set into the white silver. Several of the other stones have warm to gray hues from age to the closed back. Typical antique rose cuts with some natural inclusions, rough edges, small nibbles and frosty spots, much of this may have always been that way. With varying hues from stone to stone.
As with all my items - Please see photos closely as this is not a mint condition item. I would think with Soooo many small stones, it would be quite easy for the piece to lose additional diamonds over time so again - very gentle wear and handling.

I dearly love, collect, wear and sell antique jewelry and enjoy matching these little pieces of history with loving homes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Please feel free watch @mouseshouseantiques on Instagram for inventory drops, sneak peaks and previews! And check out my website as I can add more pics there so you can get extra looks : )


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