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SWIRL Pearl FRENCH Antique 1.4g 18k Gold Solid Ornate 25mm Slide Pendant Clip

SWIRL Pearl FRENCH Antique 1.4g 18k Gold Solid Ornate 25mm Slide Pendant Clip

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Awesome slide clip - this one has open work swirling leaf details and is set with pearls.

This is an antique piece from the Belle Epoque era that I acquired in France. The patina is just fantastic with satin sheen and warm rosy highlights seen under magnification - I love French antique gold.

NOTE - the chain and pendants seen in photos are not included, but I wanted to show you how I wore it, as it works well above a dog clip to add character in your neckmess / neckstack.

Because it has a spring loaded clip on the back with tension, it can attach to most any chain, necklace or bracelet wrapped around a wrist. It could also be attached and worn to the side of a necklace chain for an added accent. I think it was originally used as a clip for a silk scarf or some sort of button? The spring loaded clips on the back fold up and down with a very nice snap so the hinges are in great shape.

Any props or additional items shown are not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos. This one particularly seems to show larger in photos than it actually is, they are the actual item (and my actual hand) but perspective in photos is hard : ) .


25mmx20mm. It weighs 1.4grams.

French hallmark for 18k gold on back.


Please note that all my pieces are pre-owned with some age to them so they are in estate condition. There is a ding with small crease to one edge of one end. It is not really noticeable looking face on but more when the piece is angled. Otherwise the gold is in excellent condition and detail is amazing. No deep scratches, nicks or bends, it has held its shape well. Nice texture with satin areas and shine with beautiful gold patina, it is very beautiful in its coloring.

But by disclaimer as always due to age is this piece is not in mint condition.

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