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TIFFANY & CO. French Noble Family Vintage to Antique Crowned LION Shield Duke's Crown SiGNET RiNG 6g 14k Gold

TIFFANY & CO. French Noble Family Vintage to Antique Crowned LION Shield Duke's Crown SiGNET RiNG 6g 14k Gold

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A vintage to antique Tiffany & Co. Signet ring from the French aristocracy in 18k gold.

Interesting design with a Duke's crown over a shield which is engraved with a crowned rampant lion. The shoulders are beveled to add a geometry to the piece.

This specific design of crown symbol signifies the level of Nobility to be that of a Duke (higher than a Count, Viscount, Baron, Knight, or Lord.). Of course now France is a republic and there is no royal family recognized by the French state, but as is the case here, the owner had a title and could trace their nobility back to the French royal family.

It has a beautiful warm buttery antique gold patina, with slightly rosy warmth to it.

I'm not sure when it was made, it's an older style Tiffany hallmark and has some signs of age and wear, but may just be vintage, to possibly Art Deco with the beveled shoulders.

I purchased this in Paris. It has the Tiffany & Co. hallmark along with a 14k stamp and also has the French symbol hallmark for 14k as well. I've had several French signets over the years but never one from Tiffany.

Antique box not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos.

It weighs 6 grams and is a size 6. No hollow fabrication, the back is closed.

The engraved ring face is 12mm north south and it's 2.3mm thick at the ring face.


All my pieces are preowned and in estate condition. There is surface wear, tiny scuffs and scratches especially on the smooth areas of the ring face around the engravings and at the smooth shoulders, made more noticeable by the highly reflective, mirrored finish of the shiny gold. With normal wear it looks beautiful but if you study the surface in a reflection, you can see the scuffs and scratches which I consider age appropriate wear.

Additional insurance and signature confirmation upon expedited delivery will be added at my cost.

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