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VICTORIAN Alphonse Giroux 1800s French Nobility Count's CROWN ORiGINAL Antique XL Wooden Jewelry Box Footed Brass Inlay Multi Ring Holder

VICTORIAN Alphonse Giroux 1800s French Nobility Count's CROWN ORiGINAL Antique XL Wooden Jewelry Box Footed Brass Inlay Multi Ring Holder

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Personal Collection Release. I know many of us antique jewelry addicts also have a passion for antique jewelry boxes. Here is a fine one from my personal collection that I purchased in France.


Beautiful and larger Victorian era French rectangular antique jewelry box - This mid 1800s box is crafted in blackened wood with inlaid brass cartouche and linear details on the cover. The interior is rosewood. It has a lot going for it:

-- The brass cartouche is engraved with a crown and the initials CG. The crown symbol signifies the level of Nobility to be that of a Count, (lower than a Duke, higher than Viscount, Baron, Knight, or Lord.). Of course now France became a republic in 1792 and there is no royal family recognized by the French state, but as is the case here, the owner had a title and could trace their nobility back to the French royal family.

-- The box has its original maker's sticker to the base - indicating it is made by ALPHONSE GIROUX & Company. On the sticker, we can make out the number 7 at the end of the address portion which helps us date the piece. The company remained at 7, rue du Coq Saint Honoré in Paris until 1857, when it moved to 43 boulevard des Capucines. The "7" on the label therefore corresponds to the period 1838 to 1857.

-- Not only does the date matter, but the maker is relevant as well. Alphonse Giroux lived in Paris from 1776 to 1848. He was an art restorer and cabinet / furniture maker. His business made and sold furniture in various styles for the French royal family and at the 1839 Exposition des produits de l'industrie française in Paris, he won a silver medal for a jewelry box.

-- Provenance if interested : ) The kind gentleman in France that I purchased it from acquired it from a Chateau in Mayenne, Pays de la Loire. I wonder if some research could be done to determine the count?

-- I love how the box is rectangular, but when you lift the lid, the front doors pull to open outward - such a cool design! I had added a foam insert to hold rings. It can be removed but I am selling it as shown, where it can hold 18 rings. There are four deeper compartments in the back, two with lids that have gilt metal handles.

-- It has moulded / carved marquetry borders along the rim of the lid and the base with raised feet. It also has white inlay inside the lid and on the two smaller compartment lids. The key hole, lock and hinges are in brass. It has a sturdy feel and closure but I do not have the key to lock it unfortunately.

It's wonderful! I have enjoyed storing my antique treasures in this antique treasure.

Jewelry in the display is not included (but is available : )


dimensions (length x width x height): 28 x 15 x 9.5 cm


All my pieces are pre-owned and in estate condition. We are talking about 170 year old box so there are signs of age and wear. There is a 1.3cm section of loss / break to the wood edge, to the marquetry carved back right corner of the box. There are also cracks and protrusion of the white inlay inside. There are some areas of loss and you can feel them coming out of the little channels if you run your fingers across it so they will likely continue to squeeze out with wear. However none of the wood is warped or misshapen. There is a crazing line to the finish on the front right side door but it is not a crack through because the inside is sound and sturdy. On the sides of the box there are some cracks to the veneer next to the hinges from opening and closing. The two small lids don’t really snap into place, more just rest over the compartments and the gilt handles are attached only by a wire through it so they tend to wobble. All pretty normal age related wear. Just being super picky, it is still very usable and quite amazing considering age. The hinges are nice and sturdy so the lid opens and closes beautifully. I don't have a key although I think replacements can be found?

I have loved having it and feel it is one of the better ones I have seen. But my disclaimer with all my estate pieces - due to age, please note this piece is not in mint condition.

Thanks so much for looking at my items!


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