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1.2 Carat Transitional Cut DIAMOND Natural Carre Cut SAPPHIRE HALO Ring Vintage Art Deco 18k White Gold

1.2 Carat Transitional Cut DIAMOND Natural Carre Cut SAPPHIRE HALO Ring Vintage Art Deco 18k White Gold

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Halo rings are always very popular in my shop but most of the ones I have had have a center colored stone with a halo of diamonds. This one has a wonderfully sized 1.2 carat transitional cut diamond as the star with a halo of natural sapphires as a pop of color. As an added accent there are additional brilliant cut diamond accents at each corner and in the shoulders of the ring. Great geometric look and quite striking with the large (to me anyway) transitional cut diamond.

Late Art Deco era piece, I think the ring face was converted from something else looking at the fabrication with the full hoop around the inside. As an added bonus, the ring face shows little to no wear so perhaps it was a lightly worn pin or some other element that was not heavily worn before it was converted to a ring. The shank has later hallmarks for 18k gold.

Antique box not included. Please note the measurements as I have small fingers and it can be difficult to determine scale from pictures.


It is a size 4 3/4, and should be sizable by your local jeweler as there are no stones set into the shank, so curving the shank to enlarge it will not affect the ring face.

The center diamond is about 6.5mm with a nice high crown compared to a modern brilliant cut. The reputable place I purchased it from estimated the center stone to be about 1.2 carat alone.

The ring face is 12.5mm in diameter and 6mm off the finger.

It weighs 4 grams.


The center diamond has a triangular natural inclusion, like a slice of pie at almost 1/4 of the stone with the point of the pie slice pointing towards and over the culet. It is not dark or glaring but it is eye visible because it is a frosty, icy like crystal inclusion that can sometimes catch the light. Under magnification some tiny carbon specks are present but these are not large enough to see without magnification, compared to the crystal inclusion that you can see when it reflects the light. Sorrows sorrows, but we see this with older diamonds cut before the Four C's was created for modern machine cut diamonds. It is a nice fiery stone though, with a wonderful fire shooting out colors of the rainbow. It has a very slight warmth to gray color in ambient light, much brighter white in direct or "jewelry store" lighting. You can see the welds at each shoulder when it was constructed into a ring, but the piece has really no wear or damage. One of my largest single diamonds as my higher carat rings usually include a number of stones.

As with all my items, this is pre owned and not a brand new piece in mint condition.

Thanks so much for looking at my items!

Please feel free watch @mouseshouseantiques on Instagram for inventory drops, sneak peaks and previews! And check out my website as I can add more pics there so you can get extra looks : )


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