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PEAR 1 Carat Rose Cut Diamond Halo Large OPAL French Antique Belle Epoque Ring 18k Gold Gift Belle Epoque

PEAR 1 Carat Rose Cut Diamond Halo Large OPAL French Antique Belle Epoque Ring 18k Gold Gift Belle Epoque

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This one was intended to go into the keep pile but with the holidays and 17 nieces and nephews, I decided to offer this beauty to my wonderful customers. : ) Large, dramatic and beautifully sparkling French antique Belle Epoque halo ring with an iridescent pale opal surrounded by a halo of 15 old rose cut diamonds. My favorites of course are the pear shaped rose cuts giving this unique halo ring a pointed north and south edge. I love all old cut diamonds but finding them in uncommon shapes is always a joy.

The ring is in rich, rosy antique 18k gold with a knife edge shank and shoulder details. All in original condition.

Awesome statement piece, it has the loveliest sparkle. The opal is pale in color with flecks of the rainbow shining from within. The opal has some crazing, see additional notes below.

Stamped on the shank with the French hallmark for 18k gold.
Antique box is not included. Please note the measurements as I have small hands and it can be difficult to decipher scale from photos.


Ring is currently a size 7 3/4. The opal is about 12mm by 7mm and the ring face domes up about 6.5mm deep. The diamonds largest pear diamonds are about 4.5 to 5mm in length and the twelve smaller are are each 2.3 to 3mm. Exact depth of each stone in the setting is unknown but using estimates it is around 1 carat total weight in diamonds.


Please note that all my pieces are in estate condition. The opal has hairline crazing to it, only visible in certain light at certain angles. These tiny fissures do not reach to the surface of the stone so they are not cracks. It did not occur from banging or striking the stone as there no chips or cracks on the surface of the stone from trauma, it is all within the stone from age. The reason for this is that opals aren't 100% solid by nature, they contain water that can react to environmental conditions which causes the crazing, especially on a piece of this age. These do not affect the stability of the stone in the setting as there are no cracks through where anything would break or chip away, it is just something within the stone that is seen in some light. The surface of the opal also has some surface wear making it not as glossy as the day it was born over 100 years ago.

Typical old rose cut diamonds with some irregular facets, a few rough edges, nibbled girdles and light inclusions seen only under strong magnification. They are smaller so were just meant to add a glint of sparkle and are not glaringly eye visible unless looking for flaws.

A worn prong here or there to keep an eye on over time but all the stones are secure. Most of my buyers prefer original condition and this is a more dramatic piece typically worn for gentler or special occasion wear.
A fantastic and eye catching piece with that very pretty coloring and sparkling diamonds that are very eye catching.

But of course due to age - Please note this piece is not in mint condition.

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