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RARE French LOCKET Ring ViCTORIAN Antique POISON 18k Gold Black Enamel Floral Box

RARE French LOCKET Ring ViCTORIAN Antique POISON 18k Gold Black Enamel Floral Box

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Type: Ring
Materials: 18k Gold, Enamel
Size: 10 1/4
Era: Victorian (1837-1901)



Very special and rare French Georgian to Victorian ring in 18k gold - this piece has a lot going for it. The shoulders are beautifully decorated with black enamel and white forget me not flowers, and front and center we have a hinged blank signet that flips open revealing a small box / compartment making this a true Victorian "poison" ring, which perhaps held snuff or opium. The band is hollow all the way around to allow more space to hold the powder. It could also hold a small rolled message, tiny tablet, or a bit of hair or keepsake. May have been a mourning piece?

The shank is beautifully engraved all the way around. Rich, buttery gold patina with rosy highlights under magnification. I do not think the ring is sizable because of the hollow band.

Antique piece from the Victorian era that I acquired in France.

Hallmarks have worn but sold to me as 18k which is the standard in France and tested to confirm.

Antique Box not included.


Ring is about a size 10 1/4. I do not think it is sizable because of the hollow band. The locket box portion is about 10mm by 8mm. Because of the hollow shank it is fairly light weight weighing 1.8g.


Please note that all my pieces are in estate condition. There is a linear impression to the signet / hinged cover but the hinge is nice and tight, it opens and closes securely and snugly.

Because the piece was fabricated with a hollow band, the gold has worn from age to reveal a few open creases / cracks to the gold along one edge inside the shank. So the piece would no longer hold powder very securely but this is not visible when the piece is worn. Some additional ripples again inside the shank due to the hollow gold. A bit of loss to the enamel on one shoulder towards the bottom. Gold has some surface wear and scratches but a wonderful patina.

Having said all of that, the band is still nicely shaped and considering that it is hollow, the fact that it has held its shape and has no bends or deep dents visible while wearing is pretty amazing. Pretty amazing and intricate fabrication with the locket top.

But of course due to age - Please note due to age, this piece is not in mint condition.

I would be delighted if you'd follow me in my shop. Thanks for stopping by!

Box #@c.6GCZ2

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